Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I might as well face it, I'm addicted to wreaths...

Today was a beautiful snowy day. I absolutely love snow days.  No school, no kids....just me and the dogs.  If I have a day to myself, I'm either reading or crafting.  Last "Snowpocalypse" I read 3 novels.  This time, I've made wreaths!  Yesterday's post shows the first one...the burlap wreath.  Today, I tried something a little more simple and a little less time consuming.  But definitely, equally as cute!

Check out this yarn wreath with felt flowers...

So, are you ready to make yours?

Start out with a straw wreath.  Leave it in the plastic.  It makes it so much easier to work with. 

All you have to do is pick your yarn tie a knot and start wrapping.  All in all, I used about a half of a roll of "I love this yarn" from Hobby Lobby.

Keep wrapping until you've wrapped the entire wreath.  You don't want it to be perfect.  So, it's okay if it overlaps here and there.  In fact, it looks better when it does.  When you're finished it will look like this...

That's all...well, almost. Now, all that's left is adding the felt flowers.  There are about a million different patterns and ways of making felt flowers.  I have two absolute favorites...the "rose" and the "pom pom".

First, the rose...

First cut a wavy edged circle out of felt.  The bigger the circle, obviously, the bigger the flower will be.Then pick a spot on the circle and start spiral cutting the entire circle.

Now, when you get to the end you'll have a little circle thing.  Leave'll need it for the base of the flower.

Pick up the end where you started cutting (without the circle) and start rolling.

When you get to the end, hot glue the circle to the base of the flower.

Now flip, and admire your creation...

Now for the pom pom...

Cut a 2 inch strip of felt.  Again, the longer the strip, the larger the flower.

Now, fold your strip in half hot dog style (yes, I teach elementary school!) and glue JUST THE EDGE!

On the other side, make slits (not all the way down to the glue) about every 1/4 inch.

Start with one end and begin rolling (similar to the way you rolled the rose), except you'll want to dot some hot glue in every now and again to hold it together.  Make sure to use plenty of hot glue when you get to the end of the flower or it won't stay together. 

Check out my new CORDLESS hot glue gun!!  What??  I know, right!?  So exciting!  It was a gift from my hubby today.  Some girls get surprised with flowers...I get a hot glue gun!  I couldn't be happier.  

Anyway, when you get to the end, with all the hot glue holding the flower together, you're done!  No base needed on this one.  

No, my felt didn't change colors.  I just forgot to take a picture of the finished tan one. 

Now, just glue in whatever pattern you like on your wreath. Add ribbons or other embellishments for a little more pizazz! 

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